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AR Thoroughbreds LLC.
Always Ride Thoroughbreds

A riding program teaching
students about off-the-track thoroughbred horses and how to handle, ride, show, and foxhunt the American Thoroughbred.

Foxhunt classes every saturday! $25/class

Learn to ride! Call now and sign up for a class.
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Meet the Teachers!


Neptune is off-the-racetrack and loves to teach those who have never ridden before. He is the best of the best! He is an excellent field hunter, show hunter, trail horse and ranch horse. Neptune turned 20 this year, but feels like a teenager!


King is a 9 year old off the race track. He won 1 race during his career, unlike his brother who has winnings over a million dollars! King knew he wanted to be a teacher, not a racer:) He came to the farm as a 4 year old and became one of the most versatile and willing partners I've yet to ride. King has the smoothest jump and is very kind and forgiving to those just learning. He is a great show hunter, eventer, field hunter and trail horse. oh, and King also likes to swim!


Denver is not off-the-track, but he plays an important role of mentor and pony horse to the thoroughbreds. He is the school master of foxhunting who loves to teach the new guys never to pass the fieldmaster by being their bumper when they have trouble slowing down!


Goochiegirl is an off-the-track race mare who has been on the Hamm farm for 10 years. She was very unhappy at the track and at first glance, I knew she would be a beautiful hunter. GG has turned out to be an outstanding teacher for all ages. She has that nice big throughbred stride but gives the feel of security to anyone who rides her. Goochiegirl is a field hunter, show hunter, lower level dressage and trail partner who loves long spa days and pedicures!


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Placing thoroughbred racehorses in new careers since 1988

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United States Equestrian Federation
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